What is included in our Deep Cleanse Facial?

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Applied with hot sponges, a light cleanser is used, to remove excess oils and impurities, rich in vitamins for skins health and repair. Steam is then applied for a few minuets. Exfoliating is next, With olive stone, sweet almond and peach.

A skin–polishing facial exfoliant with natural olive stone granules that leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. Surface debris such as sebum and dead cells are removed producing a brighter complexion. Sweet almond and peach are excellent emollients and combined provide essential vitamins A, D & E to protect the skin. removed with hot sponges. We then apply a deep cleansing mask setting or non setting depending on skin type, 10-15 mins with steam. Gently removed with hot sponges.

A toner is then applied, with witch hazel. A light, refreshing facial toner with witch hazel providing gentle astringent properties whilst skin conditioners hydrate the skin.

We finish you off with a light facial massage while we apply the moisturiser.

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